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Help With Temporary Orders And Support

Were you broadsided by divorce papers? Are things moving too quickly? Are you worried that your spouse will get violent or take control of the accounts? Do you need financial assistance while your divorce is pending?

Initial divorce proceedings can have a major impact on your life and your children – in the interim and in the long run. Sometimes, emergency hearings are necessary for safety or to protect your interests. At Donald R. Anderson, A Law Corporation, we understand the importance of temporary orders and the seriousness of restraining orders.

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Child Support, Spousal Support And Temporary Orders

Experienced family law attorney Donald R. Anderson has practiced in divorce and family law for more than 40 years. He has experience in all phases and all forums of these sometimes heated disputes:

  • Child support and spousal support – While temporary orders are driven by a formula, you may contest the amount of post-divorce child support or alimony. The guidelines can be skewed if the paying parent is self-employed, paid in cash, or currently unemployed or under-employed. Mr. Anderson is skilled at proving, disproving or imputing income in these cases, through subpoena and forensic accounting if necessary.
  • Temporary orders – A hearing may be set within a relatively short period of time to address interim orders that will govern your life until your divorce settlement or trial. Based on statutory guidelines, the court will approve temporary custody and visitation, temporary child support and (if applicable) temporary spousal support. We will have you prepared for this hearing so that you know what to expect and can plead your case.
  • Emergency petitions and restraining orders – In emergency or hardship circumstances, the temporary hearing may happen within 24 hours. The court may issue a restraining order (protective order) for the safety of one spouse and the children, or to prevent either spouse from moving assets or engaging in retaliatory conduct. We represent either spouse in restraining order hearings.

Factors Used In Spousal Support Determinations

Spousal support is based on various factors such as income, length of the marriage, age, health and employable skills. It could be rehabilitative to allow a lesser earning spouse to become self-supporting, or permanent alimony may apply in a long marriage (10 or more years) when there is a big gap in the standard of living.

Modifying Alimony And Child Support Payments

Child support and spousal support can also be modified or terminated, based on a substantial change in circumstances such as job loss, a promotion, a change in primary custody or a spouse who has remarried. We can help you determine if you have grounds to request a modification.

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