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Redding Family Law Attorney

We know that divorce is difficult, even under the best of circumstances. You have worked hard to support your family, and we know that you want to keep what you have. In many divorces, families need to divide important assets, such as a business the couple has built together, a residence, a vacation home, retirement accounts or recreational properties.

An accomplished family law lawyer can be your best friend during this difficult transition. The legal team at Donald R. Anderson, A Law Corporation, in Redding, California, can represent you and protect your financial interests throughout divorce negotiations.

We have successfully guided many individuals through divorce by crafting realistic and fair agreements everyone in the family can live with. Contact us online or call us at 888-843-1725 to schedule a consultation.

When Your Marriage Is Over

We work with you to negotiate child support, and custody and visitation. California family courts consider the best interests of the child in awarding custody, typically awarding physical custody to one parent and visitation rights to the noncustodial parent. Both parents are often awarded equal custody time.

Ex-husbands or ex-wives qualify for spousal maintenance in California, depending on income during the marriage, health, the number of children and other mitigating factors. If your income goes down or you suffer a job loss, our attorney can petition the court to modify the monthly maintenance payment.

Child support and visitation are modifiable after divorce if your circumstances change dramatically or if the modification would be in the best interests of the child.

Dividing Community Assets And Liabilities

In California, property bought during a marriage is community property and would be divided equitably in a divorce. Property acquired before the marriage is considered separately and is often disputed. Our experienced attorney at Donald R. Anderson, A Law Corporation, can advise and assist you in dividing property equitably and other issues.

Debts acquired during a marriage are the responsibility of both spouses. These can be paid off with joint funds or divided between the couple.

Protecting Your Family Business

We understand how hard you worked to build your business. We provide skilled representation in complex divorce cases, including:

  • Business valuation: We have extensive experience designing agreements for divorcing couples that include methods for valuing, dividing and distributing businesses equitably.
  • Settlement and distribution of business assets: We protect your rights and watch over your interests for a fair resolution.

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