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Divorce Representation For Property Division

One of the necessary elements of a divorce is dividing the marital property. Under California’s community property law, wealth accumulated during a marriage is split evenly. But actually dividing the marital estate is never simple math.

Complicating factors such as pensions, the marital home, separate property or ownership of a small business require an experienced attorney to protect your interests. Correctly valuing and dividing this property is essential, as it is very difficult (and expensive) to modify a property settlement after a final order and is rarely permitted.

Decades Of Experience With Divorce Law

At Donald R. Anderson, A Law Corporation, you are represented by a divorce attorney with more than 40 years of experience in negotiation and litigation of community property division. Our Redding law firm represents men and women in Shasta County, Tehama County, Siskiyou County and Trinity County in Northern California. Contact us online or call 888-843-1725 today to arrange a consultation.

Identifying And Dividing Marital Assets

Donald Anderson takes a comprehensive and creative approach to dividing your marital assets. He can knowledgeably address such issues as:

  • Separately owned versus community property
  • Retirement savings and QDROs
  • A closely held business
  • Selling or refinancing the house
  • Other real estate
  • Cars, valuables, furnishings, pets
  • Alimony or spousal maintenance
  • Joint debts and obligations

What About Your Retirement Accounts?

Mr. Anderson has substantial experience working with business owners, construction contractors, professionals and self-employed spouses. He also represents many public sector employees who also have unique concerns.

For public or private workers with many years on the job, pensions, deferred compensation, health insurance, accrued vacation and other benefits become critical in the division of assets. While home, vacation cabins and other real property may hold substantial value, for individuals nearing retirement age, employment benefits and retirement accounts may be very valuable assets, and it is critical to correctly identify and value these accounts.

Business Considerations In Divorce

You have put your heart and soul into building a business, but now it is considered community property in your divorce. Our mission is to preserve the integrity of the business while finding a way to compensate the spouse. We work with reputable business valuation specialists who can determine the market value (or counter an unrealistic valuation by your spouse’s expert).

Once we reach an agreement on the worth of the business, we can engage in practical trade-offs of retirement assets, other property, marital debt, alimony, buyout payments or ownership share in the company to avoid disrupting or dissolving your business or professional practice.

We Fight For Your Interests Both In And Out Of Court

Even in complex divorces, the vast majority of cases are resolved out of court. However, it is imperative that your attorney be ready and willing to litigate if negotiations break down. Donald R. Anderson is a veteran trial lawyer who knows how to barter and when to fight.

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